Senior Team

John Black CEO Board Chair , Operations Ken Mc Call. CFO and Leadership Development Carol Jo Hargreaves Secretary , Contracts Monitor, Editor Jodi Mc Clure financial accountability Linda Hornsby-Black Special Project Manager : development . Ron Shaw Peer Program Development Specialist, Betty Barnes Arts for Freedom Coordinator , Events and Productions Pictured Linda and Betty


Magic happens #peersupport

Great time on the Westside for the Speakers Jam. A collaborative effort with West Modesto King Kennedy Community Collaborative’s Zephyr Clark Wellness drop in Center , Team Wellness peer network from Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Wellness Recovery Center and Peer Recovery Art Project. 3rd Eye Team brought on their original beats and rhymes, and Terri and James shined on with arts and services pictured



Peer Recovery Art Project test blog

More news and more updated info will be coming from our blogging team. We will post picture events partner information and much more about our message to build an all inclusive and therefore healthier community. Today we start with a new project debut Good Neighbor Squad is now providing complementary shines to business owners , down town merchants and people who frequent the down town Modesto core district. Watch for our crew member on the move near you