ModSpot is on the National Radar

For the past 2 weeks, I have worked the greeting desk (located by ModSpot’s front door). Last week, I met a New Jersey gentleman from the health care industry. Most importantly, he spent 40 minutes roaming ModSpot and the Gallery — stating “this concept needs to be duplicated back home”. What a concept — Peer Led, Community Volunteers, Engaging Conversations and Art as the foundation for success.

This week, I met a former Alabama resident, now living locally. He was totally charmed with the warm, welcoming environment and spent time talking local job opportunities with John.

Finally, a shout out to the Each Mind Matters Team of Nancy and Lucille. Connections were made and health awareness was provided to a projected audience of 1200. Congratulations — to Samantha for being trained as a ‘Change Agent’ for Each Mind Matters.

Cheers for ‘Good Neighbors’ and to the ‘Downtown Community’ of Modesto. Always a pleasure to serve!

In gratitude, Ron Shaw

There is a mighty movement brewing across the state: Ca Association of Peer Run Organizations

Darrell and JB Tina Darrell and K and JWe are proud to part of the energies of the Peer movement. Now in our 6th year of being in the forefront of innovation we step up our game and refocus are aim. Its time now to take our rightful and  earned place as a leader in the field of Peer Support services. We are massive we are powerful and we are able. Yes we are able to challenge the grantors to recognize and award accordingly that  right here in the heart of the central valley we have Peer Run Organization that can be trusted admired and awarded those contracts designed to serve the needs of Stanislaus County’s Behavioral Health complex..  wonder what Darrell is reading?

read for your self

In Honor of MLK: The Pride of Modesto Youth

Community Leaders coming together for Lunch today. Leaders included law, legal, community based organizations, youth agencies and business. Youth representative of the community and per age level were articulate in delivery of both poems and speeches. In brief, we witnessed the future  — bright, strong and driven — our youth. The only ingredient needed is you!! Mentor, tutor and guide — every young person matters!

Perfect: Not : Willing: SomeTimes: Gifted: YES GIFTED

There are many reasons to believe in ones ability to recover and live wonderful usefully whole purposeful lives.

Live the life we love

Love the life we live

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Ron Shaw: An Introduction

I am in full gratitude to serve as a ‘Community Steward’ with the Peer Recovery Art Project Team. Thank you John, Betty, Linda, Bill, James and Terry — for your hospitality and ongoing introduction to Downtown Community Leaders, Visitors and local Residents. Much appreciation to my ‘Each Mind Matters’ Team, especially Nancy & Lucille. With your assistance, i am ready to rock, roll and blog on Fridays and Saturdays — from my desk at the Front Door.