ModSpot is on the National Radar

For the past 2 weeks, I have worked the greeting desk (located by ModSpot’s front door). Last week, I met a New Jersey gentleman from the health care industry. Most importantly, he spent 40 minutes roaming ModSpot and the Gallery — stating “this concept needs to be duplicated back home”. What a concept — Peer Led, Community Volunteers, Engaging Conversations and Art as the foundation for success.

This week, I met a former Alabama resident, now living locally. He was totally charmed with the warm, welcoming environment and spent time talking local job opportunities with John.

Finally, a shout out to the Each Mind Matters Team of Nancy and Lucille. Connections were made and health awareness was provided to a projected audience of 1200. Congratulations — to Samantha for being trained as a ‘Change Agent’ for Each Mind Matters.

Cheers for ‘Good Neighbors’ and to the ‘Downtown Community’ of Modesto. Always a pleasure to serve!

In gratitude, Ron Shaw

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