Revive ; Restore ; Rejoice

We have come a long way from that small mental health peer support group who just wanted to gather together and support one another.

We dreamed of a day when folk with mental health lived experience could meet and do social activities that were not in those darn mental health centers.

Segregation in the true sense of the word. We saw it as a civil rights issue if you can feel me.

We yearned for a place where we could be known for our integrity , honesty and reliability as well as a whole person not one who was tagged by a” labeler ” assigned in session by someone who never even took the time to know us.

Yes we have worked hard! We have had our setbacks and our triumphs yet now at the widening of this long road we see paradise.

The real pot of gold that is at the end of any turbulent storm.

The knowable and highly recognizable truth that is now our reality:

In the words of the late great, Dr Martin Luther King,

Free at Last,
God Almighty
We Are
Free At Last

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